Service Area Demographics


~Labor & Industry Data, High Priority Occupations, and Projected Occupational Growth Fields for PSLV Service Area, 2010-2020/2040

~Lehigh Valley Population and Economic Data- Overview 2013

~Lehigh Valley Employment Forecast 2040 (LVPC)

~Service Area Population by County (with breakdowns by race)

~Lehigh Valley Population Projections

~Lehigh Valley Planning Commission Projections – 2040

~Local Community College Enrollment and Transfer Rates

~High School Enrollments and Projections- Lehigh and Northampton Counties

~Lehigh Valley Demographic and Workforce Overview Information, 2011


Quick Facts provide overview of population numbers, including breakdowns by race/ethnicity, age, housing, and business data.

~U.S. Census Bureau: Quick Facts for Lehigh County

~U.S. Census Bureau: Quick Facts for Northampton County

For more detailed information (and to look up any county, city, or zip code in the U.S.) search:

~ American FactFinder


The Education Week website has a variety of resources and tools to explore High School Graduation Rates, including an online Interactive High School Graduation Rates Map which showcases graduation rates from 1999 through 2010 in a user-friendly data visualization.

The map links to state-wide information and even hones in on individual district information through the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center:


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