PSLV Official Trends Table, 2013-14

The Official Enrollment Figures Trends Table for the Penn State Lehigh Valley Campus has been updated to include the 2013-14 school year. (Click on the picture to expand.) Additional enrollment information can be found on the Enrollment Data page.




Update on Strategic Planning: April-May 2014

Below is an outline of the actions completed towards the development of the 2014-19 Campus Strategic Plan in April and May 2014:


10: Meeting with Faculty Affairs Committee (of the Faculty Senate) to review and update action items under each strategy within the draft

22: Diversity Committee and Sustainability planning meetings to flesh out parts of the sub-plans

* Additional refinement of the actions within the plan and other components of the document occurred throughout April, including meetings with various campus departments and faculty/staff, collection of data and information, and ongoing formatting of the plan’s structure.


1: Visit by Dr. Eric Barron to the campus; alignment of PSLV Planning Principles with University Imperatives (as shared in his talk)

5: Visit by Provost Nick Jones to the campus; creation of Executive Summary of the Campus Strategic Plan to showcase progress and important components

8: Executive Summary shared with all campus faculty and staff via the campus list-serv

Week of 12-18: Performance Measures Charts created for each campus goal (targets and timeframes incorporated)

20: Meeting with Dr. Williams and Dr. Thigpen to review the draft to-date

22: Update provided to the Campus Advisory Board as to progress and next steps (supplied with Executive Summary)

27: Financial Planning meeting to review budgetary components of the plan

Remainder of May: Updates and finalizations to the main plan draft

Upcoming in June: Updates and finalizations to Diversity, Sustainability, and Ethics Sub-plans; Final draft of entire document completed and sent to University Park to review (due June 30)

For additional information about the planning process, please click here.


Update on Strategic Planning: January-March 2014

The Penn State Lehigh Valley campus community has remained active in the 2014-2019 Strategic Planning Process at the beginning of the Spring semester.  Below is an outline of the progress from January-March 2014 in the development of the campus strategic plan.

Beginning of January: Articulated Vision and Sub-Committee Action Plans formatted and finalized

January 11: Alumni Planning Retreat held to align alumni initiatives with new campus goals

January 14: Update provided to Faculty Senate

January 16: Advisory Board updated about the planning process and next steps

Beginning February: Initial lay-out of plan with all essential elements is designed; narrative pieces begin to take shape

February 11: Update provided to Faculty Senate

February 7: Strategies and action items are reviewed by campus administration

February 26 & 27: Strategic Planning Committee meetings held to discuss strategic initiatives and review action items

March 5: Ethics and Integrity information from UP is reviewed; initial group establishes framework for plan

March 10: Faculty and Staff Online Questionnaire on Sustainability and Diversity is launched

March 18: Senior and Academic Managers meet to discuss actions, timeframes, and measures

March 21: Sustainability and Diversity Online Questionnaire closes and inventory is compiled

March 26: Diversity Committee meets with Dr. Terrell Jones to showcase the diversity plan framework

*Various departmental meetings held in January-March to flesh out and develop action items

For additional information about the 2014-2019 Strategic Planning Process, click here.

Provost Jones’ Talk on Strategic Planning

The Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment (OPIA) at University Park has shared a web recording of Provost Nicholas Jones’ presentation to university and campus faculty, staff, and students. The talk, “The Provost’s Perspective on Strategic Planning,” was held on February 12, 2014, and highlights the current unit-level process and the upcoming university-level planning stages.

Provost Jones presented the emerging themes (still in draft form), including:

  • Promoting Our Health
  • Stewarding Our Resources
  • Transforming Education
  • Building Our Digital Future
  • Valuing and Exploring Our Cultures
  • and other/s, TBD

Also discussed was the importance of the university mission statement, values, foundational principles, supporting strategies, and guiding principles for resource allocation.

Click here to view the entire webcast.

Sustainability and Diversity Questionnaire

Two important components of the 2014-19 campus strategic plan are a Campus Diversity Plan and a Campus Sustainability Plan. Each of these sub-plans asks the campus to showcase the progress made in these two areas (sustainability and diversity) and to outline strategies to further achievements in these areas.

In order to continue framing these two plans, the Office of Institutional Planning has asked each faculty and staff member to complete a short questionnaire to share information and ideas related to both sustainability and diversity on campus through an online link sent via the faculty/staff list-serv.

The questionnaire is meant to be a starting point for further conversations and planning efforts. Faculty and staff who have additional information to contribute beyond this questionnaire in regards to either sustainability or diversity, should contact the Office of Institutional Planning to share these in an expanded format or meeting.

Questions about this questionnaire can be directed to Kristy Hove, Institutional Planner, at

Update on PSLV Strategic Planning

updateAs 2013 winds down, the PSLV Office of Institutional Planning is happy to provide a final update for the year as to the progress in developing the 2014-19 Campus Strategic Plan. Below are notes as to where we stand and where we are headed in the new year. There is quite a bit of information….but this is a true testament of the dedication and involvement of PSLV staff, faculty, students, Advisory Board, and alumni. Thanks to all for the many contributions, meetings, and insights!
+ Articulated Vision: The Visioning Committee (comprised of three Advisory Board sub-committees and faculty/staff representatives) have made changes to the Articulated Vision Draft based on committee and Town Hall meeting feedback. The draft is being used to finalize a series of action plans for each of the sub-committees. These documents will serve as an introduction to the strategic plan, providing a detailed look at our local and global contexts and our prioritized opportunities for the next 5+ years.
+ Vision, Mission, Goals, and Strategies: The Strategic Planning Committee met several times to review and finalize the vision and mission statements. Senior and Academic Managers then used information from the Visioning Process to develop three overarching goals for the campus, which have been approved and accepted by the campus community. Ideas of strategies for achieving these goals were collected at the Town Hall meeting on November 25 from all faculty/staff who were present. Additional feedback via email has been integrated into the templates. The Strategic Planning Committee will meet early in the new semester to begin drafting strategic initiatives for each goal. Individual departments and units will also be called upon to offer additional, concrete information to further develop these initiatives.
+ Diversity Component: The Diversity Committee has held a number of meetings to review the guidelines for the Diversity Strategic Plan, which is to be integrated into the campus plan. An assessment of diversity and inclusion at PSU was conducted throughout 2013 by an external consultant, and a presentation of the findings was recently made available via the Planning Office at UP. The committee will be using this information to develop further initiatives and to showcase best practices of diversity and inclusion at PSLV.
+ Sustainability Component: The first step of the guidelines for reporting sustainability practices and curricular components was completed: a Sustainability Quiz for PSLV which was submitted to the Sustainability Institute at UP. A report of suggestions for moving ahead with the planning process at our campus is expected to arrive soon. Upon receipt of this report, committee members will be reaching out to faculty and staff who wish to provide information pertinent to this initiative.
Next Steps:
+ Student Voices: A series of student forums will be held to collect student perspectives related to achieving our campus goals. This information will be supplemented by data from the 2013 Student Satisfaction and Demographics Survey and the 2014 Student Experience Survey launched via UP.
+ Alumni Involvement: The PSLV Alumni Society Board will be holding a strategic planning retreat in January 2014 to develop strategies towards the campus’ new goals.
+ Learning Outcomes: Information from the 2013 Undergraduate Program Reviews will be used to begin formulating a description of learning outcomes for PSLV programs. This component of the planning guidelines is also important in relation to supporting the campus’ acquisition of new programs over the next several years.
+ Data Collection: Considering the university is placing an increased emphasis on benchmarking and assessment measures in this new cycle of strategic planning, our campus will continue to collect, analyze, and report key data and information, including enrollment numbers and trends, demographics, service area descriptors, diversity indicators, performance measures related the Core Council initiatives, and many others related to specific projects/programs/policies (study abroad, online learning, course offerings, etc.)
+ Faculty/Staff Inventory: Please stay tuned in the new semester for a request in your inboxes to complete a survey about your efforts to progress diversity and sustainability at PSLV (including course content for faculty and business practices for staff). The survey will also serve to gather information about the kinds of committees, task forces, advisory boards, and other faculty/staff groups we have on campus in order to create a master inventory of these initiatives.
As always, if you have any questions or feedback to share, please contact Kristy Hove, Institutional Planner, at

PSLV Shares Timeline for Strategic Planning

calendarThe Office of Institutional Planning is pleased to share the Timeline for Campus Strategic Planning for Fall 2013-Spring 2014 for the 2013-2018 Campus Strategic Plan.

More information about this new planning cycle can be found on the 2014-2019 Campus Strategic Plan page.