All Campus Day, Spring 2016: Focus on Enrollment and Retention

All Campus Day was held on January 8, 2016, for all Penn State Lehigh Valley faculty and staff. A part of the day was dedicated updating the campus with current enrollment and retention figures. Data from the presentation can be found here: All Campus Day Spring 2016- Enrollment and Retention Data

Highlights include:

-An updated target of 1,000 students for 2016-17

-A detailed set of recruitment priorities

-An ongoing emphasis on retention of all students

-A look at dedicated retention strategies supported by key data



New Strategic Planning Documents

The Office of Institutional Planning has added two significant strategic planning documents to the Campus Strategic Planning page. These include:

Brief- Lehigh Valley Campus Strategic Plan 2014-19 (This document is a brief overview of the essential elements within the full campus strategic plan. The brief includes the campus’ vision, mission, goals, strategies, and progress-to-date in a clear and concise report for ease of use by the campus community.)

2014-19 Priorities for Penn State Lehigh Valley (This document is a compilation of recent progress and key data for 2014-15 based on a series of priorities related to the three campus goals established in the campus strategic plan. The priorities paper serves as an overview of progress and next steps as the campus works towards the achievement of various initiatives.)

2014 in Review: PSLV Planning Website

The 2014 annual report for

Here’s an excerpt:

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Click here to see the complete report.

Official PSU-LV Enrollment Numbers, 2014-15


The Campus Office of Institutional Planning is happy to release the 2014-15 Official Enrollment Numbers for Penn State Lehigh Valley.

Official campus enrollment currently stands 913 students. For a comprehensive look at the breakdowns and figures:

PSLV Official Numbers 2014-15

Spotlight on Goal 3: Within Larger Society

Within Larger Society

GOAL 3: Serve as a leader in our local and global societies through engaged citizenship and professional, academic collaborations


  • Collaboration with Business, Industry, and Alumni
  • Connection with Community Colleges and Other Institutions
  • Education of Local Communities
  • Economic Engine and Workforce Development
  • Change Agent

Strategy 3.1: Provide seamless transition from academic programs to the workforce

Strategy 3.2 Pursue ongoing connections with local and global educational institutions

Strategy 3.3: Further develop opportunities by the campus that enhance the education of our local communities

Strategy 3.4: Serve as an economic engine for the Penn State Lehigh Valley service area

Strategy 3.5: Uphold the campus’ commitment to serving as an agent of change and advocate for the common good

For additional strategic planning information, visit Campus Strategic Plan 2014-19.

Spotlight on Goal 2: Part of One University

Part of One University

GOAL 2: Operate as a viable and sustainable campus within the larger university system


  • Fiscally Responsible Practices
  • Enrollment and Local Landscape Monitoring
  • Effective Marketing and Communication Plans
  • Professional Development for Faculty and Staff
  • Resource Sharing
  • Assessment Practices

Strategy 2.1: Remain a fiscally responsible campus

Strategy 2.2 Continue to monitor enrollment, retention, and service area data in order to continue growth patterns

Strategy 2.3: Design effective external marketing campaigns and internal communication tools

Strategy 2.4: Build a community of professionals to maintain and support the high workplace standards of PSLV

Strategy 2.5: Distinguish our strengths within the University system and partner with other Commonwealth Campuses and UP

Strategy 2.6: Utilize evidence-based assessment practices to ensure continuous quality improvement

For additional strategic planning information, visit Campus Strategic Plan 2014-19.

Spotlight on Goal 1: One Campus

One Campus

GOAL 1: Enhance academic excellence to provide students with an integrated collegiate experience Description:

  • Innovative Teaching and Learning
  • Faculty/Student Research
  • Support Services
  • Programs and Leadership Opportunities
  • Pathways to a Penn State Education
  • Appropriate Resources and Spaces for Student Success

Strategy 1.1: Embrace innovative teaching and learning

Strategy 1.2 Enhance faculty and student research opportunities

Strategy 1.3: Provide a strong infrastructure of support services for students that facilitates personal and professional growth

Strategy 1.4: Design programming to engage students and offer opportunities for leadership, life, and social skills

Strategy 1.5: Recruit academically-focused students by enhancing pathways to a PSLV education and articulating new ones

Strategy 1.6: Provide appropriate facilities and spaces for student success and continued campus growth

Strategy 1.7: Enhance global education and international opportunities

For additional strategic planning information, visit Campus Strategic Plan 2014-19.