All Campus Day, Spring 2017

Penn State Lehigh Valley held its Spring 2017 All Campus Day on Friday, January 6, for nearly 100 faculty and staff. The program included the following:

  • State of the Campus
  • Academic Affairs
  • Priorities: Enrollment, Visibility, and Academic Excellence
  • Safety and Security on Campus

To access the day’s PowerPoint slides: All Campus Day Spring 2017

Other resources from the day:

Official 2016 Enrollment Figures Results- 3 Priorities

Development Talking Points


All Campus Day: Fall 2016

Penn State Lehigh Valley held its Fall 2016 All Campus Day on August 19, 2016. Highlights of the day can be found within the slide presentation:

All Campus Day Fall 2016

An important discussion was held around the progress of the campus’ three main priorities of:

1-Academic Excellence

2-Increasing Enrollment

3-Enhancing Visibility

Penn State Lehigh Valley Priorities: Progress Graphic

Findings from the 2016 Student Engagement and Demographics Survey were also released.

PSULV 2016 Student Survey Highlights: Infographic

For more information about All Campus Day or the provided resources, please email


All Campus Day, Spring 2016: Focus on Enrollment and Retention

All Campus Day was held on January 8, 2016, for all Penn State Lehigh Valley faculty and staff. A part of the day was dedicated updating the campus with current enrollment and retention figures. Data from the presentation can be found here: All Campus Day Spring 2016- Enrollment and Retention Data

Highlights include:

-An updated target of 1,000 students for 2016-17

-A detailed set of recruitment priorities

-An ongoing emphasis on retention of all students

-A look at dedicated retention strategies supported by key data


Welcome Back! Fall 2015 Planning Update


Information related to Institutional Planning at Penn State Lehigh Valley was shared at All Campus Day on August 21, 2015.

Highlights included:

  • Sneak peek at the Faculty & Staff Priorities and Opportunities Survey
  • Update on the Campus Strategic Plan, including Action Items for 2015-16
  • A Look at Upcoming Assessments
  • Data-Sharing Hand-out of New Student Demographics

PowerPoint Presentation: Fall 2015 Update- All Campus Day

Hand-Out: Demographics of Incoming Students- Fall 2015

Visit the Campus Strategic Plan 2014-19 Page for additional resources.

Happy Fall 2015!

Update of Strategic Planning: All Campus Day, August 2014

The Office of Institutional Planning provided an update regarding the 2014-19 Campus Strategic Planning Process for all Penn State Lehigh Valley faculty and staff attending All Campus Day on August 22, 2014.

CoverThe All Campus Day Strategic Planning 2014 PowerPoint provides details of the presentation. For additional information, contact the Planning Office at

Faculty and staff can continue to check the 2014-19 Campus Strategic Planning Page for updated information.

WE ARE…       One Campus,

                         Part of One University,

                         Within Larger Society

Update on Strategic Planning: June 2014, Plan Submitted

The Penn State Lehigh Valley Office of Institutional Planning is pleased to report that the 2014-15 to 2018-19 Campus Strategic Plan has been completed and submitted to the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment (OPIA) at University Park for review by the Provost’s Office and numerous planning committees.

Thank you to everyone who shared his/her feedback and insights as part of this valuable process.

Further information will be shared with faculty and staff at All Campus Day, August 2014.

Update on Strategic Planning: April-May 2014

Below is an outline of the actions completed towards the development of the 2014-19 Campus Strategic Plan in April and May 2014:


10: Meeting with Faculty Affairs Committee (of the Faculty Senate) to review and update action items under each strategy within the draft

22: Diversity Committee and Sustainability planning meetings to flesh out parts of the sub-plans

* Additional refinement of the actions within the plan and other components of the document occurred throughout April, including meetings with various campus departments and faculty/staff, collection of data and information, and ongoing formatting of the plan’s structure.


1: Visit by Dr. Eric Barron to the campus; alignment of PSLV Planning Principles with University Imperatives (as shared in his talk)

5: Visit by Provost Nick Jones to the campus; creation of Executive Summary of the Campus Strategic Plan to showcase progress and important components

8: Executive Summary shared with all campus faculty and staff via the campus list-serv

Week of 12-18: Performance Measures Charts created for each campus goal (targets and timeframes incorporated)

20: Meeting with Dr. Williams and Dr. Thigpen to review the draft to-date

22: Update provided to the Campus Advisory Board as to progress and next steps (supplied with Executive Summary)

27: Financial Planning meeting to review budgetary components of the plan

Remainder of May: Updates and finalizations to the main plan draft

Upcoming in June: Updates and finalizations to Diversity, Sustainability, and Ethics Sub-plans; Final draft of entire document completed and sent to University Park to review (due June 30)

For additional information about the planning process, please click here.