Online Strategic Plan

Penn State Lehigh Valley’s Online Strategic Plan embraces emerging teaching and learning theories to actively engage students in the learning process.  The plan includes initiatives of Penn State Outreach and Online Education as well as PSLV’s FlexLearning model of course delivery.


Penn State Lehigh Valley will respond to the needs of our students in the development and delivery of high quality, learner-centered courses and programs. Penn State Lehigh Valley will deliver academic courses and programs in a multimodal format — face-to-face, blended or hybrid, and online — to maximize student learning.


Penn State Lehigh Valley will effectively address the various and diverse learning needs of our twenty-first century students through a comprehensive initiative which offers high quality, interactive, and engaging courses in a variety of flexible delivery modes.


• Offer high quality academic courses

• Proactively and innovatively utilize emerging educational technologies in teaching and learning

• Provide students with enhanced learning experiences through flexible delivery modes

• Provide faculty development opportunities

• Increase campus enrollment and improve student retention



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