Campus Strategic Plan 2014-2019

** 2014-19 Strategic Plan for Penn State Lehigh Valley**

        Brief- Lehigh Valley Campus Strategic Plan 2014-19

        Priorities for Penn State Lehigh Valley

HighlCoverights of the plan:

Executive Summary 2014-19 Campus Strategic Plan

Description of Campus Goals

Spotlight on Goal 1 (One Campus)

Spotlight on Goal 2 (Part of One University)

Spotlight on Goal 3 (Within Larger Society)




Timeline for Campus Strategic Planning for Fall 2013-Spring 2014

Fall 2013 Update of Progress Towards Developing the Plan

January-March 2014 Update of Planning Process

PowerPoint Update to Faculty Affairs Committee, April 2014

April-May 2014 Update of Planning Process

June 2014 Update- Plan Submitted


PSU-LV Strategic Plan Feedback from UP

Response to PSU-LV Strategic Plan Feedback

Additional details about this planning cycle are below:

From the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment at University Park (June 26, 2013):

During 2013-14, all budget executives will be leading development of strategic plans for the 2014-15 through 2018-19 cycle.

Penn State has had one of the most extensive commitments to strategic management of any major university in U.S. higher education, with an ongoing, institution-wide program dating to the early 1980s. The University has long relied on a combination of top-down/bottom-up planning. Within common guidelines, each major planning unit defines its own planning approach, implementation strategies, and performance metrics. This hybrid technique has served Penn State well for decades. The unit-level planning process is valuable in its own right, and it provides a backbone for University-level planning.  Among the features new in the upcoming round of planning is that both diversity planning and sustainability are being incorporated into the unit strategic planning process.

Penn State Lehigh Valley will engage in its own planning process in order to formulate a 2014-2019 Campus Strategic Plan. These efforts will be announced to campus faculty, staff, and students in the fall semester in order to articulate a plan by the July 2014 submission deadline. Questions about this upcoming process can be directed to the campus’ Office of Institutional Planning at


1. An articulated vision of your unit’s future over the next five to ten years

2. A discussion of specific strategies to achieve the vision

3. A discussion of plans, progress, and initiatives in learning outcomes assessment

4. Strategic performance indicators structured around unit level goals

5. Diversity planning

6. Core Council follow-up

7. Information on practices that promote integrity and ethical behavior

8. Discussion of how the unit is contributing toward Penn State’s goals for sustainability

9. A five-year recycling plan related to the campus budget


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