PSU by the Numbers

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Penn State University recently shared Penn State by the Numbers in the Penn State News for January 2014. Highlights include:


-Since 2009, enrollment at the University has displayed solid growth, bumping up 4 percent overall, 9 percent among graduate students and 4 percent among undergraduates.

-The student body shows greater diversity as well. Minority students make up 23 percent of fall enrollment at the campuses and 17 percent at University Park compared to 13 percent a decade ago.


-Penn State has since 2009, seen an 88 percent increase in its endowment, a 49 percent increase in annual fundraising and a 17 percent increase in the number of donors. In 2013-14, the University received support from 190,502 donors.


-Penn State has seen a 10 percent increase in federal research dollars since 2009, climbing from $446 million to $492.4 million. In addition to federal support, industry and other private sources accounted for $100.9 million of Penn State’s research expenditures in 2014.

Click here for the complete article.


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