Online Expectations of Prospective College Students (Survey 2014)

In Spring 2014, Noel-Levitz conducted the 9th annual E-Expectations of Prospective College Students and Parents. According to the survey report:

The helicopter parent has been a mainstay of college admissions for years, and the era of social media, mobile devices, and constant contact appears to have made it easier for those parents to hover. While campus personnel may sometimes wish parents were less involved in the lives of students, it’s also true that as parents have become more involved in the admissions process, they also have become advocates for campuses. Colleges and universities now have many, many ways to recruit parents in addition to recruiting students.


Key findings of the survey for 2014 include:

–62% of students prefer web-based resources for learning about colleges (compared to 51% of parents; parents prefer more traditional ways such as phone calls and brochures)

–71% of students have looked at a college’s website on their mobile device (compared to 45% of parents)

–73% of students use YouTube (compared to 32% of parents)

View the full report and findings here: 2014 E-Expectations Report


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