June Article of Interest for Higher Education Professionals: Financial Aid


The Association for Institutional Research shared the following publication of interest for higher education professionals. Click on the title to access the full article. This article summary is credited to the Electronic AIR Newsletter (June 2014 edition).

Campus-Based Practices for Promoting Student Success: Financial Aid (Teri Lyn Hinds)

In the research brief Campus-Based Practices for Promoting Student Success: Financial Aid, the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) explores the differential effects of institutional grant aid and work-study programs on students, paying particular attention to how low-income students may be effected by both. The brief concludes with a set of recommended practices.

Recommended Practices include:

• Minimize the use of loans in financial aid packages.

• Target students with high financial need to maximize the effect of grant aid.

• Consider front-loading grant aid during the first half of the college program.

• Ensure that aid packages do not inadvertently force students to work more than 15 hours per week.

• Provide aid during intersessions (e.g., winter, summer, J-term, May term) to promote continuous enrollment.

• Provide sites for high-value work-study experiences that inform academic coursework, promote civic service, build social capital, and foster work skills and achievements relevant to vocational aspirations.

• Ensure that work-study programs provide a living wage.



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