Update on Strategic Planning: April-May 2014

Below is an outline of the actions completed towards the development of the 2014-19 Campus Strategic Plan in April and May 2014:


10: Meeting with Faculty Affairs Committee (of the Faculty Senate) to review and update action items under each strategy within the draft

22: Diversity Committee and Sustainability planning meetings to flesh out parts of the sub-plans

* Additional refinement of the actions within the plan and other components of the document occurred throughout April, including meetings with various campus departments and faculty/staff, collection of data and information, and ongoing formatting of the plan’s structure.


1: Visit by Dr. Eric Barron to the campus; alignment of PSLV Planning Principles with University Imperatives (as shared in his talk)

5: Visit by Provost Nick Jones to the campus; creation of Executive Summary of the Campus Strategic Plan to showcase progress and important components

8: Executive Summary shared with all campus faculty and staff via the campus list-serv

Week of 12-18: Performance Measures Charts created for each campus goal (targets and timeframes incorporated)

20: Meeting with Dr. Williams and Dr. Thigpen to review the draft to-date

22: Update provided to the Campus Advisory Board as to progress and next steps (supplied with Executive Summary)

27: Financial Planning meeting to review budgetary components of the plan

Remainder of May: Updates and finalizations to the main plan draft

Upcoming in June: Updates and finalizations to Diversity, Sustainability, and Ethics Sub-plans; Final draft of entire document completed and sent to University Park to review (due June 30)

For additional information about the planning process, please click here.



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