Update on Strategic Planning: January-March 2014

The Penn State Lehigh Valley campus community has remained active in the 2014-2019 Strategic Planning Process at the beginning of the Spring semester.  Below is an outline of the progress from January-March 2014 in the development of the campus strategic plan.

Beginning of January: Articulated Vision and Sub-Committee Action Plans formatted and finalized

January 11: Alumni Planning Retreat held to align alumni initiatives with new campus goals

January 14: Update provided to Faculty Senate

January 16: Advisory Board updated about the planning process and next steps

Beginning February: Initial lay-out of plan with all essential elements is designed; narrative pieces begin to take shape

February 11: Update provided to Faculty Senate

February 7: Strategies and action items are reviewed by campus administration

February 26 & 27: Strategic Planning Committee meetings held to discuss strategic initiatives and review action items

March 5: Ethics and Integrity information from UP is reviewed; initial group establishes framework for plan

March 10: Faculty and Staff Online Questionnaire on Sustainability and Diversity is launched

March 18: Senior and Academic Managers meet to discuss actions, timeframes, and measures

March 21: Sustainability and Diversity Online Questionnaire closes and inventory is compiled

March 26: Diversity Committee meets with Dr. Terrell Jones to showcase the diversity plan framework

*Various departmental meetings held in January-March to flesh out and develop action items

For additional information about the 2014-2019 Strategic Planning Process, click here.


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