PSU’s Statistical Snapshot

Penn State University’s Office of Strategic Communications offers a unique webpage with user-friendly stats for anyone wanting to know more about the university. Visit Penn State at a Glance: A Statistical Snapshot of the University for interesting, informative stats, including:

  • Penn State’s total enrollment, from all 24 campuses: 98,097. This is a 4 percent increase from 2009, when the enrollment was 94,301.
  • Penn State awarded 21,385 degrees in 2013.
  • Penn State encompasses more than 22,000 acres and more than 1,784 buildings statewide.
  • The value of Penn State’s endowment is $2.03 billion, representing a 59 percent increase from the $1.28 billion mark of 2009.
  • Alumni were responsible for $87.6 million of the $237.8 million in funds raised by Penn State in 2013.
  • Penn State has about 582,000 living addressable alumni, 326,000 of whom live in Pennsylvania.
  • Penn State graduates 88 percent of its athletes, compared to the NCAA’s Division I mean rate of 80 percent.

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