Estimated 2012 Enrollment Figures Released at All Campus Day

The Penn State Lehigh Valley Office of Institutional Planning released an Enrollment Snapshot for the incoming class of freshmen and advanced standing students for Fall 2012. The Snapshot provides total enrollment numbers and break-downs by gender, minority, age, and GPA/SAT scores. Additional charts showcase the states of residency (for out-of-state students), counties of residency (for in-state students), and the top 12 high schools from which incoming freshmen graduated. Comparisons to enrollment figures in 2009 and 2002 are also included.

Enrollment Snapshot for Fall 2012

-The total incoming class of 2012 has a slightly higher percentage of males than in recent previous years.

-The minority rate continues to increase each year, with a nearly doubled minority rate over the last decade.

-The number of students enrolling from outside of PA continues to grow.

-The age breakdowns of the total incoming enrollment for 2012 have remained similar to 2011.

-The average GPA of incoming freshmen for 2012 has increased since 2011.

-The average SAT scores for incoming freshman and advanced standing students (for both the Verbal and Math components) have increased since 2011.

Please note: Figures used are of students in “paid accept status” and are subject to change based on registration status. Official university numbers will be made available following Census Week in the middle of the fall semester.


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