2012 Penn State Lehigh Valley Campus Initiatives

The start of a new school year provides an excellent opportunity for all faculty and staff to remind themselves of the  goals of the campus as set forth in the campus’ two main strategic plans. Initiatives for 2012 include:

The Campus Strategic Plan, 2008-13

1.9 Create a campus environment that is steeped in sustainability for the good of the environment

2.3 Create learning communities or interdisciplinary course offerings and team teaching that include global perspectives across curriculums

8.1 Partner and work with regional Penn State campuses and area colleges to develop and offer programming

8.3 Collaborate with public education entities to offer Penn State resources and services

The Diversity Strategic Plan, 2010-15

2.1.C Increase campus community members in the LGBT alliance and network

3.1.C Work with local high schools to recruit a student body representative of culturally and socioeconomically diverse backgrounds

4.2.A Implement one professional development program per semester

7.1.C Increase curricular partnerships with the external Lehigh Valley community

Complete strategic plans and timelines for implementation can be found at 2008-13 Campus Strategic Plan and Progress Reports and 2010-15 Diversity Strategic Plan

For departmental strategic planning, contact kmw14@psu.edu


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