2010-2040 Population Projections for the Lehigh Valley

Recently, the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission released its April/May/June 2012 Newsletter highlighting Population Projections for Lehigh County and Northampton County (the Lehigh Valley). The report looks at the period of 2010 to 2040.

Key findings from the report include:

-The Lehigh Valley will increase by 35% from 2010 to 2040

-Lehigh County will increase 11.5% per decade, while Northampton County will increase 11.9% per decade

-Northampton County is expected to experience 1.33 times as much net migration as Lehigh County (due to its closer proximity to New York and New Jersey)

-In regards to birth and death rates, Lehigh County will increase by more people due to a higher fertility rate, while Northampton County will decrease by 3,795 due to its birth and death rates. But, due to the migration into Northampton County (larger than the migration into Lehigh County), net growth among the two counties is projected to be: Lehigh, +119,935, and Northampton, +106,238

-The population’s age distribution will change dramatically due to an aging baby boomer generation. All age levels will show an increase, however the two age groups with the highest increase will be the 70-74 age group and the 75+ age group (each showcasing almost 100% increases).

Click here to access the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission’s April/May/June 2012 Newsletter


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