Asian Immigrant Population Surpasses Hispanic Numbers (includes PSLV stats)

Photo courtesy of the Pew Research Center

A new report was recently released by the Pew Research Center citing the rise of Asian American immigrants in the US. In 2010, 36% of new immigrants were Asian, compared to 31% Hispanic. (Asians comprise 5.8% of the total US population. Hispanics comprise 16%.)

Access the report at:

Enrollment trends at the Penn State Lehigh Valley campus are reflective of this national trend.

Currently the PSLV Asian student population stands at 8.2% and is significantly higher than comparison campuses and UP:

-Berks 4.2%

-Harrisburg 6.6%

-Hazleton 4.1%

-Schuylkill 1.6%

-Wilkes-Barre 1.8%

-UP 4.8%

The Asian population at PSLV has more than doubled over the past 5 years, representing a 123% increase.

2006- 35 students

2011- 78 students

For more information about minority trends on campus, visit the link the Campus Reports and Planning Resources Page.


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