Update on Faculty/Staff Climate Survey 2012

The Campus Climate and Organizational Culture Committee has compiled the results of the 2012 Faculty/Staff Climate Survey and is finalizing its goals and strategic initiatives based on the survey findings. The survey results, along with the committee’s goals, will be released to the campus community in the very near future for review and feedback.

Questions or recommendations may be addressed in the meantime by contacting any of the Committee members:

  • Tiffany Cresswell-Yeager  (tjc8)
  • Mike Damweber   (mjd914)
  • Aaida Eskar   (ake112)
  • Steph Friday   (snf120)
  • Xenia Hadjioannou  (xuh12)
  • Kristy Hove   (kmw14)
  • Sandy Kile   (apk3)
  • Mike Krajsa   (mjk38)
  • Debbie Miller   (dzm14)
  • Denise Ogden   (dto2)
  • Bill Speth   (wfs10)

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