College Board Releases “Education Pays 2010”

In Education Pays 2010, the College Board’s Advocacy and Policy Center, released its latest findings about the private and public benefits of higher education. The report is updated every 3 years. According to the College Board:

” In the three years between the publication of Education Pays 2007 and Education Pays 2010, median earnings for four-year college graduates increased more rapidly than those of high school graduates and the gap between the unemployment rates of the two groups grew. In addition to earnings comparisons, the report documents differences in lifestyles, health, and other outcomes for people with and without college education. Differences in enrollment and completion patterns across demographic groups highlight the reality that gaps in educational attainment are explained by a combination of money and other factors.”

Reporting and data are broken down into 7 categories, all with downloadable figures, available in both Excel format and user-friendly charts:

  • Earnings 
  • Other Economic Benefits
  • Health Benefits
  • Other Individual and Societal Benefits
  • College Enrollment
  • Educational Attainment
  • Geographic Comparisons

To access all the information and the Education Pays 2010 report, visit


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