OPIA News for October, including Core Council Review Letters

The Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment shared the following news with University Park and Penn State campuses for the month of October.

CORE COUNCIL REVIEW: Throughout 2010 and 2011, the Academic Program and Administrative Services Review Core Council evaluated all academic programs and many major administrative processes at the University. Recently, recommendation letters based on these reviews were made from the Provost to budget unit executives. Click here to access these letters: http://www.psu.edu/president/pia/newsletter/news0143.html

POSITIVE PLANNING: From Innovation Insights #26: “Penn State’s Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment has developed a Positive Planning approach that can generate a ‘can do’ climate and avoid the cynicism and jadedness that might result from initially focusing on prior problems within an organization. This Innovation Insight provides an overview of Penn State’s Positive Planning approach”: http://www.psu.edu/president/pia/innovation/positiveplanning.pdf

For additional information from the October OPIA newsletter, visit: http://www.psu.edu/president/pia/newsletter/news0143.html


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