New Census and Demographic Info Released

New Census Information is released:

++Educational Attainment in the US: Data Tables: Through these tables, the US Census Bureau provides information about degree attainment by age, gender, and race/ethnicity via information collected as part of the American Community Survey and Population Survey. Highlights of these data tables include the fact that from 2000 to 2010, the percentage of people over 25 with at least a bachelor’s degree increased from 26% to 30%, as well as detailed information about trends in women’s education and the younger generation (36% of women ages 25-29  have a bachelor’s degree, while 28% of men of the same age range have a bachelor’s degree). For a multimedia view of this data, take a look at the Educational Attainment YouTube video from the Census Bureau:


++2010 Detailed Pennsylvania Population and Housing Information: In its 2-page May Research Brief, the PA Data Center released information from the 2010 Census Demographic Profile for PA including age and race/ethnicity breakdowns and housing tenures. Highlights include the fact that the PA population continues to age, with the median age of PA residents increasing from 38.0 years in 2000 to 40.1 years in 2010. All minority groups within PA saw an increase; most notably was the Hispanic/Latino population which witnessed a 82.6% increase from 2000 to 2010.

++”Whats Changed Over the Past 10 Years? is the topic of the PA Data Center’s June 2011 Research Brief. Included are Age Detail, Household Size, and Housing Information. In conjuction, the Data Center also released a Decentennial (2000-10) Hispanic Population Percentage Change, depicting changes by PA county.


Lehigh Valley Demographical Information has also been released via Census 2010 data, including:

New Population Numbers that show the Lehigh Valley now has a higher population than Pittsburgh.

-Tremendous Growth Witnessed in Lehigh Valley townships and cities (Allentown = 10.7%, Bethlehem Twp = +12.1%, Upper Saucon Twp = +25%, and many other increasing percentages)

For an overview of the details, please click here: Lehigh Valley Demographic and Workforce Overview Information


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